Monday, March 28, 2011

Acceleo over the rainbow

We've often had complaints about the default choice of colors we made for the Acceleo template editor :

For example, people who like high contrast themes, or who'd rather develop with a white/green font on a black/gray background complained that this colors were unusable when using such backgrounds. And since we inherit the background color from the default "text editor background" color, this could give awful results :

There were also those that simply didn't like to have "red" text in their code, since this color usually reflect an error of some kind :). As hinted from St├ęphane's recent post, we've decided to make these colors customizable in Acceleo 3.1. And even though his "rainbow" theme was a little extreme (just in time for april's fool), it did show a number of the areas that now get individually customizable.

We hope to include import/export facilities for these color schemes, and the rainbow scheme will most likely be included along with the default :).

I know my editor will more or less look like this (but I kind of find blue-ish themes easy on the eye) :

How will be yours? Look forward for the 3.1M7 build for these options :).


  1. Hi Laurent, nice post! Maybe you would like to add your themes to or contribute mappings for the Acceleo template editor? Contact us if you are interested in doing so.

  2. @rogerdudler : could be interesting, I'll try if there is time left to contribute the themes and mappings after the main developments from the roadmap are out :).

  3. please,ow to install Acceleo 3.1 in Eclipse
    and thanks

  4. Hi Leila,

    Please read the installation instructions from the official website ; and how to ask for support on the same .

  5. Hi Laurent, i hope you will be abble to help me.
    It's about those graphics modifications. I would like to know if it's possible to change graphicals attribute of a model (or whatever) like "Visible Elements" or "Foreground Color"
    with acceleo code?

  6. Ju,

    Acceleo is a tool to generate text/code... You wish to change "graphical attributes" of a model, which is the responsibility of your modeler (Ecore tools, Obeo Designer...), not of the code generator you use. Please ask this to the dev/support team of your modeling tool.

    However, if it is indeed Acceleo support you need, please use the official Eclipse forum to explain the issue.

  7. Hi,
    what's the tool in eclipse Helios who making the transformation text to model.

  8. Leila, for support request, please take a look at . Asking on the official Eclipse forum will allow the community to answer.