Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EMF Compare graduated!

Galileo is out ... and with it came the graduation of EMF Compare to 1.0 at last!

A great deal of improvement has been made in EMF Compare so as to improve user experience and effectiveness. This release sees the usual new differences EMF Compare detects (reference order changes, resource dependencies, ...), and an improved support for the various VCSs (CVS, SVN, ...).

The most outstanding improvement is the ability to compare whole ResourceSets instead of a single model; allowing users to compare fragmented models as well as linked models (UML models referring to profiles, Genmodels referring to ecore models, ...) and thus detecting changes made in the selected models along with changes that can have taken place in their dependencies.

Thanks to a contribution from Moritz Eysholdt, EMF Compare now provides a patch format for model merging. This EPatch format is associated with a textual syntax thanks to XText, allowing for easier editing and improved readability of these patches.

The full list is available on EMF Compare 1.0 new and noteworthy wiki page.