Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Acceleo 0.8 is out

You might already know Acceleo 2.6, the open source model-to-text generator, and wonder how version 2.6 could come down to 0.8. The reason is quite simple : after four years of development outside of Eclipse, Acceleo is now taking a turn (for the better we hope :)) since we began rewriting it within Eclipse as the implementation of the OMG MOF Model to text Transformation Language (MOFM2T) specification. This change and our becoming an Eclipse-hosted project calls for a mandatory incubation period, thus version numbers "0.x".

Acceleo 0.8 already offers basic solutions to migrate existing Acceleo 2.x templates to the new syntax. This migration is still a draft and we are working on improving it so that most "old" templates can be migrated to the new syntax automatically, or with the least amount of manual editing needed. Compatibility with Eclipse itself is detailed on Acceleo wiki page.

This first release of Acceleo as the implementation of the MOFM2T specification already provides most of the tooling that can be expected from an M2T generator. A succinct list can be found on the New and noteworthy wiki page.